Penstan Supply - Altoona, is one of 8 Penstan Supply outlets in Western Pennsylvania and one of more than 200 HAJOCA locations around the world. Initially founded in Indiana, PA as Fowler Supply, our company began serving the community in 1958 by selling wholesale plumbing and heating products. In 1983, Fowler Supply changed its name to Penstan Supply and opened several new offices across the state of Pennsylvania to further serve the region's plumbing and heating needs.

In 1988, the Hajoca Corporation acquired Penstan Supply and incorporated it into its 250 locations across the nation. Hajoca is the nations largest publically held wholesale plumbing, heating and industrial supply distributor. By decentralizing itself, Hajoca gives its branches a greater amount of versatility which, in turn, allows its managers to adapt more easily to the needs of the local community. We believe that this strategy allows us to better serve our clients.

Here in Altoona, Penstan strives to personalize its approach to serving the plumbing and heating needs of the community. Our able showroom and wholesale register staff can be frequently found discussing kitchen, bathroom, heating and cooling projects with clients in the greatest of detail. It is our belief that by taking a personal interest in client projects, we will better serve them and give them the peace of mind they need to go forward.