Kitchen Products

Some people enjoy their game rooms, while others enjoy the tranquil feel of a fireplace-lit den. Others enjoy spending that extra time in the kitchen, making sure a meal is prepared just right. They feel the cool water rush over their hands, as the faucet rinses the fresh lettuce, used to make a tasty luncheon salad. They feel the icy chill of pulling a bottle of wine from the handy prep sink, installed in their kitchen island. They feel the confidence in knowing that their trusty skillet is safely tucked away in the handy cabinet, just beside the stove, ready to be used if some scrumptious stuffed chicken were to appear on the menu for this evening.

A kitchen can certainly be a haven for those who bask in the enjoyment others show whenever they eat a delicious meal. After a hard day's work, "laboring over the stove" does not have to be laboring at all with a kitchen that not only suits your cooking needs but has the visual appeal that just keeps you coming back to make more.

At Penstan - Altoona, we believe that a kitchen should not just be a place to cook food but should be an extension of your home. It should be a room used to accommodate, entertain and please visitors and residents, alike. Visit our showroom today to see some of the unique kitchen solutions we have in store for you. Our competent showroom staff will not only do their best to understand your family's taste but to see to it that your taste is met with our quality products.